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See below for a brief overview of my academic research and list of publications. 



My research interests have evolved significantly over time. As an undergraduate, I completed a thesis in a molecular ecology lab. As a masters student, my thesis looked at salmon policy and management through a common pool resource lens. My dissertation assessed responses by federal, state, and provincial agencies to bark beetle outbreaks across western North America. That research used political ecology as the theoretical lens and guided me into critical social science research that focuses on power and ideology to explain and understand how a society so concerned about climate change continues to do little to effectively respond to it. 


I have two outstanding colleagues, Diana Stuart and Ryan Gunderson, who I have had the privilege to work and write with. We have a series of publications that focus on ideology and economic rationality and how they remain a force in society locking in unjust, carbon intensive outcomes. Many of my graduate students have focused on ‘natural resource’ management and policy. A recent grant funded collaborative work with the USGS on adaptation to climate change in the southwest. I am also currently working on a project assessing perceptions by scholars around social ecological transformation – given the threat posed by climate change and related problems, how can we overcome the profit driven, unsustainable course we find ourselves on? This work included research conducted in Europe during sabbatical with scholars across the continent. Lastly, I have been heavily involved in local planning issues in Flagstaff due to my deep concern with how our communities are organized and managed. With Helene Ducros, I co-edited a book called Justice in Climate Action Planning and continue to incorporate planning in my scholarly work and interests.


See below for a list of publications.  




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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles                                                     


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